GLONASS/GPS and monitoring and correcting station antenna unit

Reception and preamplification of the signals of GLONASS/GPS and medium wave sea beacons.

Field of application: as a part of shipboard and navigation equipment, working on GLONASS/GPS signals.

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The range of satellite radio navigation systems frequencies:
f1, MHz

f2, MHz



The range of medium wave band frequencies, kHz 283.5–325.0
Amplification coefficient in satellite radio navigation systems frequency range, dB 32 ± 2
The unevenness of medium wave antenna directional diagram, dB, no more than: 2
Voltage standing wave ratio at the antenna unit output in satellite radio navigation systems frequency range, no more than: 2
Power supply voltage, V 4.5-5.5
Consumption current, mА 60
Connector TNC (socket)
Outline dimensions, mm:
— length

— width

— height




Mass, kg, no more than 0.8
Working temperature, °С from – 40 to 55
Guarantee service life 18 months since the date of sale