PPRNS module

Designed for radio-navigation parameters definition and their transformation into planimetric geographic coordinates for sea objects according to the signals of pulse-phase radio-navigation systems.
The module provides for computations and outputting of current values for radio-navigation parameters and geographic coordinates of volume (in WGS-84 or PZ-90 coordinates systems).

Field of application:

Designed for the application as part of GNSS GLONASS/GPS consumer shipboard equipment and aviation transport.

Order form

Embedded into equipment, the combined PPRNS module is designed for the signal reception and processing of terrestrial pulse-phase radio-navigation systems with the purpose of the ship’s geographic coordinates definition.

Receives differential corrections to GNSS signals transmitted via the temporal states modulations of the pulses emitted by the stations (EUROFIX system).

PPRNS module solves the following problems:

  • The reception and processing of the signals from 12 stations with the opportunity of simultaneous operation from 2 arbitrary PPRNS chains.
  • Radio-navigation parameters measurement and their transformation into geographic coordinates .
  • Navigation information output via IEC-61162 interface.
  • The differential corrections reception (EUROFIX system) and output via standard RTCM SC-104 interface.

The module complies with the Rules for the Equipment of Sea-Going Ships of Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, Rules of Russian River Register, Rules for the Technical Supervision during Construction of Ships and Manufacture of Shipboard Materials and Products, the requirements of Technical Regulations for the safety of inland water transport objects.

Instrumental radial RMS error of the position geographic coordinates definition, m, no more than 20
The error of radio-navigation parameters transformation into geographic coordinates, with geometric factor no more than 1, m, no more than 5
RMS error of radio-navigation parameters measurement according to the signals of radio-navigation systems with complex factors in compliance with the Rules for the Equipment of Sea-Going Ships of Russian Maritime Registry of Shipping, µs, no more than 0.3
Information exchange with the external devices, Kbits/s:
— exchange rate in IEC 61162 message format


— message format RTCM SC-104

4.8; 9.6;19.2;38.4;57.6;115.2



Mean time for receiving the first readings of the observed GC, min, no more than 5
Power-supply voltage, V 4.5-5.5
Consumption current, mА, no more than 300
Electric power supply of the external antenna from PPRNS module:
— DC voltage, V


— load current, mA, no more than

from 10.8 to 13.2



Working temperature, °С from -15 to 55
Mass, g, no more than 60
Outline dimensions, mm, no more than 45.0 х 95.0 х 18.6


  • PPRNS module
  • Operations manual
  • Data sheet
  • Packaging