Receiving-computing module 2K-363

Designed for the definition of current coordinates and the components of the object velocity vector, for the formation of a time scale synchronized with the reference time scale and for radio-navigation parameters registration.

Field of application:

Intended for the application as part of sea or terrestrial transportable and portable, including geodetic, as well as aviation consumer equipment of satellite radio-navigation systems.

Order form

Designed for the definition of velocity and time current coordinates according to the signals from GLONASS/GPS and SBAS satellite navigation systems.


Receiving-computing module 2K-363 solves the following problems:

  • The reception of standard precision signals incoming from the GLONASS/GPS USV external antenna in L1, L2 two-frequency bands and standard precision signals from geostationary satellites, augmenting SBAS in L1 frequency band;
  • Automatic definition for RNP (pseudorange, increment of pseudorange and phase) of external receiving antenna phase center on every working USV and their output and the almanac information and USV ephemeris output via one of RS-232 interface sequential exchange channels in Binary-2006, IEC 61162-1 and RINEX format;
  • Automatic definition for the current values of navigation parameters (coordinates and altitude, the components of the motion velocity vector regarding the Earth), external receiving antenna phase center and exact value of current time and their output via RS-232 sequential exchange channel N1 in Binary-2006, IEC 61162-1, RINEX and AT-GSM format, as well as via channel N2 in IEC 61162-1 format (just nine standard offers);
  • The formation of output TS, synchronous with (related to) reference TS, with the help of the output signal “1Hz”;
The number of signals receive channels ST GLONASS/GPS, SBAS 36
RMS errors of navigation and time definitions, no more than:
Coordinates, in plan/on altitude, m:


— according to GLONASS system

— according to GLONASS/GPS system

— in differential mode






Velocities, in plan/on altitude, m/s: 0.015/0.015
Time, ns, no more than (“Motion”, “Stop”, “Solid point”)


100/ 40 / 40
Time of the first definition, s, no more than: 90
Information exchange with the external devices:

— interface type


— the number of channels


— information exchange rate (at the operator’s choice), kbits/s







2.4; 4.8; 9.6; 19.2; 38.4; 57.6; 115.2

Power-supply voltage, V 3.2 – 3.6
Consumption current, mА, no more than 300
MPV power supply of the external antenna:
— direct current output voltage, V



— MPV load current, mА, no more than

from 2.95 to 3.05




Time keeping without power:
— keeping period, days, no less than


-time offset within 5 days period, min, no more than




Working temperature, °С from -40 to 75
Mass, g, no more than 75
Outline dimensions, mm, no more than 55.0 х 80.0 х 12.5
  • 1K-161/K-161 module
  • Mounting parts set
  • Set of exploitative documents
  • Software
  • Packaging