Trunk amplifier

The amplification of GLONASS/GPS satellite radio navigation system signals.

Field of application:

Designed for the usage as antenna-feeder path elements in order to compensate the losses in the cable connecting the antenna and the receiver.

Order form
Frequencies range, MHz 1570 – 1611
Amplification coefficient, dB 17+3
Rectangularity coefficient of the amplitude-frequency characteristic on the levels  -3 and -23 dB, no more than 2.25
Voltage standing wave ratio at the trunk amplifier input, no more than: 2.1
Noise ratio, dB, no more than: 4.8
Power supply voltage, V 4.5 – 30.0
Consumption current, mА 20
Connector N (pin jack) –input, N (socket) — output

In the other version –

N (socket) –input, N (socket) — output

Outline dimensions, mm, no more than:




Mass, kg, no more than 0.17
Working temperature, ºС from – 50 to 70
Guarantee service life 5 years