Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time RIRT

RIRT is the leading organization in the development of systems and coordinate-time support, the institute identifies trends and the development of of these systems.

Systems developed by the Institute, avoided the exclusion to determine the current time and mestopo-proposal objects in sea-surface of the Earth, the world’s oceans and inland waters, airspace and outer space, and solve problems in astrophysics, geodesy.

Geodynamics and objectives for the national economy, defense and international cooperation.

RIRT offers automated assembly of printed circuit boards using surface mount and machining of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

* Cutting-assembly production
* Mechanoprocessing production

RIRT ready to develop and deliver

* Systems and means of synchronization with an accuracy of better than 10 ns for terrestrial and space systems, including communications and telecommunications;
* Board space, aircraft, ship and ground-based quantum frequency standards and time of various classes of accuracy on the atomic-beam tubes, rubidium gas-cell and hydrogen generator;
*-Based, airborne, naval equipment customers, working on signals PNT «Seagull», «Laurens», «Alpha», PNT and SRNS GLONASS / GPS including working in differential mode;
* Equipment for the establishment of differential systems GLONASS / GPS;
* Navigation-connected systems management (dispatch) car-based navigation sensors GLONASS / GPS;
* Equipment for measuring the frequency and spectral characteristics of highly stable frequency sources;
* Meteor communications equipment of high reliability and high secrecy with a range of up to 2000 km.;
* Hardware synchronization systems, digital transmission of data using different standards and frequencies of GLONASS / GPS;
* Equipment for the modernization of the transmission station of radio navigation systems, Loran-C «/» The Seagull «in order to implement the transfer of control and differential correction information subsystem GLONASS / GPS (analo gsystem EUROFIX);
* Equipment for refinement transmitting station s sverhdlinnovolnovoy phase radionavigation system «Alpha» for the transfer of information;
* Monitoring station for the prediction of earthquakes and anomalies in the propagation of radio waves caused by the ionosphere and human activity.

A distinctive feature of the development RIRT is their high adaptability to the needs of customers and openness to complexation with other systems and facilities.