History of RIRT

Open Joint Stock Company «Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time» (OJSC «RIRT») (until 1991 — the Leningrad Research Institute of Radio Technology — LRERI) was founded in 1956 on the basis of several units of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Radio Equipment (VNIIRA) and NGOs, «Vector» with the aim of creating a single time and navigation field of the USSR.

1957 Development and delivery of equipment services single time (CET) for synchronizing measurement and control instruments used in the launching of the first Earth satellite (accuracy of the synchronization time scales of 3.5 ms). The chief designer NA Begun for this development was awarded the Lenin Prize of the USSR.

1961 Continuing to improve the service of a single time, increasing the accuracy and reliability, the Institute undertook the development and delivery of equipment for signal transmission time through sverhdlinnovolnovye naval communication station in a special program, as well as a number of modifications of equipment GED, thus ensuring synchronization of command-measuring complex with the required accuracy (500 microseconds) when you run into space first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. Top designers developments NA Begun and LD Vasin. A large group of developers of equipment has been awarded orders and medals of the USSR.

1965 closed with the development and delivery of equipment on-board clock device (IPB) for space systems monitoring the Earth’s surface to supply the necessary test equipment. Chief designer development NA Begun.

1967 by developing and supplying equipment on-board clock device with the appropriate instrumentation and control equipment for space-based meteorological satellite series «Meteor». For the development and commercialization of BSU chief designer EY Sentyaninu was awarded the State Prize of the USSR.

In future years the Institute has developed more than 40 different types of BSU and frequency standards for various space objects with the delivery of necessary monitoring and testing and synchronizing equipment. Including, for the national program «Cosmos,» «Meteor,» Resource «,» Ocean «and others designed to create space Earth observation systems for defense, national economy, Hydrometeorology, the study of natural resources, land and oceans, science and applied projects studying climate.