Warranty service

JSC “Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time” performs technical maintenance of its items within the warranty period.

For these purposes there is a Bureau of reclamation in the Technical quality department of JSC “RIRT”. The item owner can connect with the Bureau engineer by phone: +7 (812) 665 -59 -78 from 9.30 to 16.30 MSK

Warranty service procedure:

  1. The item owner detects a fault and turns to the Bureau by phone (812) 665-58-76;
  2. The Bureau engineer defines the problem by phone and offers to send the item to JSC “RIRT”;
  3. JSC “RIRT” performs repairs or replacement of the item in compliance with the warranty liabilities.

Warranty conditions:

As a ground for warranty service there is a data sheet (record book, label) for the item with the item’s serial number and the date of sale (if there is a corresponding graph).

Warranty liabilities:

JSC “RIRT” guarantees fault correction if there is no violation of warranty within the corresponding period specified by GOST PB 15.703-2005 or the delivery contract.

Violation of warranty:

By the fault of the owner due to the violation of exploitation and storage conditions, due to the non-observance of directions, given in instructions, due to negligent attitude, in the case of mechanical damage, in the case of repairs by unauthorized persons.

Warranty extension:

According to the item owner’s choice, it is possible to conclude the contract for warranty extension. For further details, call (812) 665-58-76.


JSC “Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time” offers post-warranty repairs services to its customers. The repairs conditions depend on the item kind. The repairs cost is defined after the fault diagnostics by a service engineer.

JSC “RIRT” is also ready to develop and deliver time/frequency and navigation/geodetic support systems and aids, solving the following tasks:

  • Formation and storage of the time scale (TS) synchronized with UTC(SU) TS; synchronization of functioning in complexes and aids distant from each other, of various purpose, including space ones;
  • Referencing of information streams of any measurement forms, including mobile objects, to UTC(SU) time scale; installation of clocks on objects;
  • High precision positioning of any objects, including space ones;
  • Determination of geodetic network points coordinates and geomonitoring of infrastructure objects (bridges, tunnels, buildings, pipelines etc.);
  • Geodetic coordinate support for construction, survey, stakeout, cadastral works;
  • Raising the precision in coordinate support for mobile objects, rockets, satellites on the base of differential, RTK and PPP modes;
  • Maintenance and tracking of mobile objects movements in control centers against the background of vector electronic charts;
  • Provision of individual navigation and time service information with user location mapping on electronic chart;
  • Formation of high-stable signal grid from highly reliable onboard caesium and rubidium frequency standards;
  • Development and delivery of functional microelectronics on the base of custom digital, analogue and radio frequency VLSI.